Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Methods for Trimming Hair

We can all agree, whether you are natural or not that trimming our hair is essential for it's health as well as length retention. However, some individuals (like myself ) do not need to trim often, while others need to quite frequently. When and how you decide to trim your hair is solely on the beholder of the Mad Mane, your hair goals, skills and your hair's damage rate. Here are four different trimming method videos individuals with natural hair tend to use. 

1Two Strand Twist Method 

This method requires you to trim your ends, while hair is in two strand twists. The smaller the twists the better the trim will be. 

2. The Search and Destroy Method

I recommend this method for patient individuals because it is very time consuming. The process involves you searching and trimming individual strands that are damaged and knotted versus trimming your whole head. 

3. The Dusting Method

This method requires you to smooth wet and lightly conditioned hair down in sections. Once you rub your hair to the part that feels more rough then the rest of your tresses trim it off. Try to minimize how much you trim off because this feeling method can be unreliable. 


3. The Straight Hair Method 

It is not mandatory to straighten hair while it is straight but it is definitely easier for some.  Straightened hair won't shrink and curls won't pop back into place, while you are attempting to trim your ends.  If you want an even and more accurate cut this is the method for you.