Thursday, August 1, 2013

Product Review: Hair of Nature

Hello Mad Mane's !!!  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Danyelle Templeton, the founder of Hair of Nature, a natural herbal hair care line. During our pleasant conversation Danyelle told me about herself and how and why she developed Hair of Nature. More words were exchanged between us two naturalista's and Danyelle was kind enough to send me her most popular products from Hair of Nature to review for you guys. Well I have just washed...conditioned...and styled my hair with these products here's the review. (:
PS: In this review I have also included the item descriptions and retail prices of these items. 

Au Natural Shampoo: 8oz $10
Different from your typical store bought brand, it's a thin cream cleansing base loaded with essential oils to stimulate hair follicles. Contains tropical oils and aloe that add shine and moisture back into the hair shaft, while leaving it clean and light.

Silk Coconut Milk Conditioner: 8oz $12 
A fluffy whipped conditioner infused with coconut milk that leaves hair soft. Contains vital natural oils including jojoba, coconut and olive oil, that enrich hair follicles with vitamins, helps eliminate dryness, static and coat the hair to protect it from breakage and repairs damaged ends.

Hydrating Leave In Conditioner: Sample Spray Bottle 2oz $4
An aloe based spray used to rehydrate and keep it hydrated, while having natural oils to help hold moisture throughout the day. Leave in conditioner comes in a fine mist bottle so it can be easily distributed on hair without giving the wet look effect. Can be used as needed and good 4-5 mists should be enough. Also has detangling agents and smoothing polymers to ease combing process.

Shea Mango Scalp Conditioner: 4oz $8 
This scalp treatment contains no petroleum or mineral oils. This conditioner promotes healthy epidermises cell growth, to maintain hair shaft and produce new growth, increase elasticity to lessen breakage, soothes scalp and helps fight skin disorders such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema and will not weigh hair down.

Okay lets get down to business. So as a whole I give Hair of Nature one thumb up.  I was a fan of the Au Natural Shampoo. The shampoo definitely left my hair feeling clean and light, while leaving a tingling sensation on my scalp (which I loved). However, it had a very strong scent that I was not a fan of. Also, if you are a stickler for lather this shampoo isn't for you. The shampoo left no lather, but keep in mind it's made up of all natural ingredients, so it won't sud up like other store bought shampoos we might be use to. Next, I applied the Silk Coconut Milk Conditioner. I did not enjoy the product nor the application process. While applying the conditioner my hair stiffened, contrary to what conditioners are supposed to do (leaving your hair feeling soft). Because my hair had stiffened with the application of the conditioner my hair became tangled (which was frustrating because I had already separated my hair into four sections and finger detangled prior to me washing it). After washing out the conditioner and drying my hair I sprayed the Hydrating Leave In Conditioner on my hair. The leave in was very light and the bottle made the distribution of the product quite easy. The leave in though, did not make my hair softer and left my hair feeling somewhat dry. After I used the leave in I applied coconut oil (which I already had) to attempt to soften my hair. Next, I applied the Shea Mango Scalp Conditioner. Wait for it...wait for it...I LOVED it! It had a very soft and creamy texture that made the product distribution easier. The best part was it left my hair feeling soft and shiny! After letting my hair air dry for a while I went to my bathroom mirror and what did I find? My curls looked defined and glossy. My coils weren't as soft as I like and were a little frizzy however. Overall, I enjoyed the results of the Hair of Nature products more than the application process.

If you would like to purchase any of the Hair of Nature products contact Danyelle Templeton at Also, follow her on Instagram at Hairofnature