Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Favorite Hair Styles

Okay so I'm extra excited about today's topic... My Favorite Hair Styles! Recently, a lot of my readers have been saying...Mignon we want to see more of your hair! So, I thought that this topic would be a great way to share with you guys how I've been styling and rocking my mane. As I've mentioned before I live a very, and I mean very simple lifestyle when it comes to my hair. Therefore majority of my styles are very basic and you won't be seeing any extravagant protective styles with me. I hope you all enjoy! (:

Flat Twists
I absolutely loveeeee styling my hair into flat twists, they are cute, simple and quick to do! I tend to wear my hair in this style when it is hot out and I don't feel like having my hair on my neck or on my face. Flat twists are also my go to choice when I work out. 

Signature Updo
I enjoy styling my hair into updo's from time to time.  I think they are so romantic and innocent looking. I usually do my updo's by pinning up my old wash and go's and sometimes adding a simple braid in the front. I tend to wear my hair in this style for days like going to the mall or quiet dinners with friends. 


Wash and Go's
Now you guys know that I am the wash and go queen! I can't get enough of my wash and go's let me tell ya! I just love how simple and gorgeous they are. Wash it... add a little product and I'm out. On older wash and go's I spritz it with my homemade spritzer, add a little curl enhancing cream and Eco Styler gel on my edges...simple as that. This style definitely turns heads and gets me compliments.