Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Product Review: Abiyah Naturals

Good morning mad manes...its been a while! I know I know...you guys are ready to chew me out and have been wondering where the heck I've been. But it's that time of the year again, I've been preparing for my return back to Hampton for my last year of undergrad (tear). Seriously, where does the time go??
Anyways, this post is not about me rambling about how old I'm getting but something much more interesting, a product review! Before I begin this review I must say thank you to a lovely lady by the name of Topia, for sending me products from her homemade skin and hair line Abiyah Naturals. Lets begin shall we!

I must say that I was extremely excited about doing this review. Topia and I previously had a conversation about the All-in-One Butter and a Honey Mango Shampoo Bar she would be sending me from her wonderful line. Like I've said I have been pretty busy lately getting ready to go back to school, but yesterday I had some time to finally try these two products out. You know I'm going to give you all honest feedback and tell you guys exactly whether the products were a hit or miss. Well the products that I used from Abiyah Naturals were a HIT! Oh my gosh I love these products, they were amazing!

First I want to talk about the Honey Mango Shampoo Bar. Over the last year I have seen a couple of my own favorite natural hair bloggers talk about shampoo bars and I've been curious about them. So when I received one in Topia's package I was quit anxious to try it out. The shampoo bar was awesome! I was a little skeptical about how clean my hair would be after using the bar, but it gave a good lather and left my hair and scalp feeling clean. Also, The smell was amazing!. However, it smelled more like oatmeal to me than honey and mango's. This product definitely gets my approval and two thumbs up! Lets talk about the All-in-One body butter now. I didn't apply the butter onto my hair this time but instead applied it to my skin. The butter is so soft and fluffy OMG and smells awesome! I received the orange cream butter, but Topia provides other scented All-in-One butters on her website as well. The butter left my skin feeling soft, moisturized and gave my skin a light smell of oranges and cream. I will definitely continue to use the butter as a daily moisturizer. If it left my skin feeling nourished I'm sure it will leave my hair feeling the same way. This product gets two thumbs up for sure! So overall I'm in love with these products from Abiyah Naturals, go check them out today!

Click here to be directed to Abiyah Naturals and follow Topia on Instagram at @abiyahnaturals.