Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tips on Transitioning to Natural hair

Do you want to go natural but don't want to "big chop"...then transitioning is for you! Here are some transitioning tips I have discovered and learned over the past few years from fellow naturalisitas.

Consult a Professional 

Before being your natural hair journey visit a stylist that specializes in natural hair. This way the stylist can give you great advice on products that could make your transitioning journey a lot more manageable and great styles you can try while going natural.

Trim your Hair

Everyone gets behind with trimming their hair...I know I do. But it is crucial not to get behind while transitioning. Getting regular trims will promote healthy hair growth, give you a more shiny or polished look and reduce breakage. 


When going natural keeping your hair nourished and moisturized is key! Chemically-treated hair tends to be weaker than natural hair, so deep conditioning frequently (preferably every week) is suggested. Also using plenty of natural oils (olive oil, coconut oil etc) to keep hair moisturized during the week is a must. 

Low to No Heat

Because you are caring for two hair textures (your new growth and relaxed hair) you want to prevent breakage. It is important to stray away from direct heat to avoid breakage.

Be Gentle 

The point where your natural and chemically treated hair meet (demarcation) is the weakest part of your hair. When styling your hair make sure you detangle slowly and gently to avoid breakage.  

Be Patient

Patience is key when transitioning from chemically-treated hair to natural hair. It takes a while for the transition to complete and can be quit challenging dealing with two different textures, but stay positive! You will manage and the wait is worth it! (: