Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4 Tips on Reducing Breakage While Washing Hair

For my quest of longer and healthier hair I try to avoid breakage as much as possible. Recently I noticed I had more hair shedding while washing my hair. That definitely frightened me...was my hair damaged??? I explored numerous natural blogs and vlogs trying to find out what was wrong with my hair. Finally, I stumbled on a few articles answering my dilemma! My hair wasn't damaged...I just had to start being more gentle and patient while washing my tresses. I realized that my hair was longer, so I could not keep practicing the same washing regimen I once had when I had a TWA (teeny weeny afro). More steps are involved like detangling and moisturizing before cleansing or co washing my hair. Below are a few steps I have added to my regimen to reduce breakage while washing my hair, these steps have worked significantly! I hope these tips work for you as well!
 Kisses (: 

1. Detangle Hair 

Before I wash my hair I make sure I detangle. I part my hair into four sections and finger detangle each section adding water, conditioner and coconut oil. Adding the conditioner softens my hair, making my tresses more manageable to detangle. Also adding the coconut oil moisturizes my hair before washing. Detangling your hair prior to washing your hair is very very important! It is one of the biggest steps to reducing breakage. 

2. Wash Hair in Sections 

After I detangle my hair I keep my hair in the four sections. When I get in the shower I cleanse or co wash my hair by each section. This is effective and fast. Because the sections are already detangled it makes it much more easier and quicker to wash your hair. Also, you won't have to worry about your hair tangling up again and breaking off.

3. Lather Once 

If I do decide to wash my hair with a shampoo (which I usually don't) I make sure I only lather my hair once.  Multiple lathers can strip your hair, creating dryness and breakage. If you are worried about getting a sufficient cleaning don't worry, your hair doesn't have to squeak in order to be clean. If you still aren't content with the cleaning results reevaluate the shampoo you are using. 

4. Use a T-Shirt to Dry Hair  

Once I finish washing my hair I dry it with an old t-shirt. I NEVER dry my hair with a towel. Towel drying not only makes hair frizzy, but causes breakage. Towels have a certain structure that our curls wrap around breaking off our hair (ever noticed your hair latched on your towel after drying hair?). However, t-shirts have a flat surface where drying hair won't break strands off. 

These are some of my tips I use to reduce hair breakage while washing my hair. Feel free to tell me some of your steps you use!