Thursday, July 18, 2013

All you Need to Know Pt 2: Type 3 Hair

Type 3 hair includes lightly curled to extremely curly strand patterns. These curls are well-defined with lots of body and can be styled in its natural state easily. Type 3 hair can easily be straightened with a blow-dry despite its appearance. 

3A Type Hair/ Curly Twirly:  These curls have a defined loopy "S" shape pattern. Curls are well defined and springy. 3a type curls are also naturally big, loose and often shiny. The circumference of 3a curls are about the size of piece of side-walk chalk. The climate strongly affects this hair type. 

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Tips: Use gels and creams to that add a light moisture and curl definition. Hair smoothies and milks work great! 

3B Type Hair/Curly Spirally: Individuals with 3b type hair have defined, springy curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. 3b curls are the about the size of a sharpee. Tresses can be straightened, but a lot of work is demanded. 3b type hair isn't very shiny and can be somewhat coarse. 

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Tips: Gels and creams work best to reduce frizz and add definition to this hair type. 

3C Type Hair/ Curly Coily: 3c hair is very voluminous! This curl pattern included corkscrews and tight curls  that have the circumference of a pencil or a straw. These curls can be either kinky or very tightly curled packed together. Straightening this hair type is more challenging than any other 3 type category. 

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Tips: Use styling creams, butters, and oils. This hair type is very fragile and needs extra moisture.