Sunday, June 23, 2013

Product Review: Curls Unleashed Leave-In & Curl Boosting Jelly

Curls Unleashed: Leave-In Conditioner $10.99
Curls Unleashed: Curl Boosting Jelly  $14.99

Good afternoon beauties! Okay, so since purchasing my first leave-in, Kinky Curly's Knot Today (which I absolutely loveeeed), I've been excited about trying other leave-in' how did I go a year natural without using any??? I digress... Anyway, lately I haven't had any time to go out and buy any products, but yesterday I finally managed to make it out to Target (my natural hair heaven). As always Target had a wide array of products so deciding which one I wanted to review was a challenge. Finally, looking through the aisle's I came across Curls Unleashed leave-in conditioner. I was already familiar with the brand because a girlfriend of mine back at school had previously given me their curl boosting jelly.  I decided to just grab the Curls Unleashed leave-in and kill two birds with one stone, reviewing the curling jelly as well.
Before using Curls Unleashed I co-washed my hair, while it was damp I applied the leave-in. On the bottle is says that it, "softens and detangles." Let me just say
that this is extremely true! My hair felt like silk and made my tresses much more manageable to finger comb. I also enjoy the smell of this leave-in. However,  I was disappointed that the smell didn't linger in my hair after a hour or so. Now lets talk about the Curl Boosting Jelly. The jelly did well with my curls, they came out springy and well defined. I did have an issue...the smell! I hate it! I wouldn't be able to describe the smell even if I tried. Also on the container it say's that it will "define curls without the crunch." This was not true when applied to my hair. When my hair had dried I did notice a slight crunch to my curls, nothing major though. Overall I liked the Curls Unleashed leave-in, it doesn't beat Knot Today, but I liked it and will continue to use it. The leave-in did what it said it would do, made my hair look great! I will not buy the Curl Boosting Jelly again however, just because I do not like the smell. I do recommend it to any naturals with hair types 3 and 4 and that don't mind a little crunch to their hair.