Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Want Long Hair: 10 Ways to Retain Length

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  • The first rule is to practice patience!! Your hair won't grow over night and won't grow at the same pace as other's. But, if you take care of your hair and practice healthy regimens your hair will grow in no time (: 
  • Pre-poo (pre-shampoo)- Before washing your hair base apply your favorite natural oil like, olive or coconut oil.  Adding a natural oil prevents breakage as well as moisturizing your hair, protecting it from being stripped when you shampoo. 
  • Avoid shampoo's with sulfates- Shampoo's with sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, causing the hair to become dry. 
  • Clarify hair - Applying hair products beings a build up on your hair. Co-washing is not enough to relieve your hair from all the build up, but cleansing with a clarifying shampoo or Apple Cider vinegar will. 
  • Finger detangle- Avoid using combs! Comb's are ruff on hair and can cause breakage. By using your fingers you can detangle your hair at a slow and safe pace. 
  • Deep condition- Deep condition your hair at least every two weeks. If possible use a gentle heat source such as leaving the conditioner in and sitting under the dryer or wrapping your hair with a towel (to generate body heat). 
  • File your nails- File nails before you tend to your hair. Hanging nails can cut strands. 
  • Trim your hair - Trim your hair of split ends. However, do not get scissor happy. Remember ladies we are trying to retain length. 
  • Satin is our friend- Sleeping on a satin pillow case or with a satin scarf. This keeps your hair's moisture in tact along with avoiding breakage and tangling. 
  • Finally and one of the moist important tips...avoid using heat!!! Heat causes breakage and lose of our gorgeous curl pattern. Instead try air drying your hair or blow drying it with a cool setting.